Tee2Green Grip Program

Special Offer


With the purchase of:


-4 sets of 13 grips (HB-1 and/or the Multi Decade) = 52 Grips Total


-6 grips of the Chubby and/or the Fatty = 6 Grips Total


Tee 2 Green is offering a FREE display of sample grips to show their students



Northern Spirit HB-1 Men’s (Black) Women’s (Grey) $4.50 per grip.


Northern Spirit Multi Decade Grip Men’s Standard (Blue) Men’s Midsize (Red) $5.00 per grip.


Northern Spirit Chubby Grip.  $8.50 per grip.  All available colours are shown.

Northern Spirit Fatty Grip.  $8.50 per grip.   All the available colours are shown.