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Get Certified

Step 1 - Associate Professional Certification Live or Home Study

The Associate Professional course is offered as a home study option and now as a Live Online Virtual Zoom program.

In this home study course participants will learn the following:

  • Teaching the golf swing
  • Faults & Cures
  • Short game
  • Video analysis
  • Marketing
  • Rules
  • Club fitting
  • Psychology

Participants must successfully complete a written rules test and 2 written teaching tests.

All material is taught in detail through video presentation is designed so that you are made to feel comfortable with the testing.

An Associate Professional Certified Member is also one who has successfully completed the home study or the Virtual Program in its entirety and has not completed the playing ability test.

Written Test 1 – Multiple choice questions.

Written Teaching Test 2 – This exam requires short answers based on the detection and correction of swing errors. It will be taught to you during the course so that you feel comfortable in this scenario.

Prerequisite Rules Test
The rules testing must be completed prior to arriving for your certification week. Level 1 rules testing must be passed through Golf Canada’s Online Learning Centre

Home Study or Live Online Total cost: $995

Rate includes All course materials, instruction, and all taxes.  


$995.00Register Here


$995.00Register Here

or call 1-866-362-2483

Step 2 - Certified Teaching Professional (Optional)

stock9After you become Associate Professional you are eligible to upgrade to the Certified Professional certification.

  • Recognized as the international golf teaching professional status
  • Requires the successful completion of Associate Certification and the playing ability test
  • Fully certified members enjoy all the rights and privileges of CGTF membership including participation in the Canadian Golf Teachers Cup and the World Golf Teachers Cup.

A Certified Professional  Member is one who has successfully completed the Associate Professional certification course and has met all CGTF criteria in the playing, written, and teaching aspects of the organization.

Playability Test cost: $200

Rate includes Daily green & cart usage, 

Playabilty Test

$200.00Register Here


or call 1-866-362-2483


Playing Ability Test
This takes place on the final day of the course. The requirements are as follows:

Age Men Women
49 & Under Score of 83 or less Score of 85 or less
50-59 Score of 84 or less Score of 86 or less
60+ Score of 86 or less Score of 88 or less

Final Step Master Teaching Professional (Optional)

  • stock6Master Teaching Professional members may become CGTF Examiners.
  • Designed to develop experienced, career-oriented teaching professionals.
  • This card reflects the highest level of certification in the golf teaching industry.


  • To attend the Master Teaching Professional Course, one must be a fully certified professional member in good standing for a minimum of one year.
  • Attend the Master Teaching Professional three-day certification course.
  • Candidates must give a presentation on a written thesis that lasts approximately 15 minutes.

Thesis Presentation
The thesis presentation must include information that is above and beyond what was taught in the full certification course. The material should either be original, unique or well-researched.

Shot Making Demonstration                                                                                                                                                                                          Onsite demonstration of various golf shots. Participants must be able to perform the following: hit a fade, draw, low shot, high shot, chip shot, pitch shot, etc.

Written Teaching Test                               


Please contact our office at 1-866-362-2483 if you would like to be put on the wait list to attend a 2016 Master Teaching Professional certification course.

Total cost: $995

Rates include:  Daily green & cart usage, daily range balls, all course materials, instruction, a  banquet dinner and all taxes.

Masters Certification Online Live Course


2021 Schedule and Application


2021 Schedule Link


Live Online Masters Course 


A deposit of $200 per person guarantees your reservation. Full payment is required 2 weeks prior to attendance. Personal cheques, money orders, Mastercard and VISA accepted only. A $75 per person fee will be charged for any cancellations if done outside 7 days prior to the start of the course. Cancellation received within 7 days prior to the start of the course will forfeit $125 per person.

Become Certified

Please purchase the course of your choice, so we can begin processing your Certification Registration. You may also download and complete our    APPLICATION FORM.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Is it necessary to attend the Associate Professional course prior to attaining full certification?

A:  No, you may elect to bypass the Associate Professional course and attend the five day full certification.

Q: If I elect to take the Level I course and am successful, how do I proceed to Associate Professional or full Professional certification?

A: You may simply attend any certification course across the country.  Verbal teaching, written rules and for full certification, the playing ability test requirements must be successfully achieved.

Q: What if I do not pass the playing ability portion of the course?  Can I still gain certification?

A1:  Provided you have passed the written and teaching aspects of the course and you are within four strokes of the target score, you may, within a 12-month period, submit four attested score cards with the appropriate target score on any championship course (6,000+ yards). These cards must be attested by the three individuals you play with.  The fee for this is $35.  Prior to submitting the appropriate scores, your membership status is that of an Associate Member.

A2:  If your playing ability test score is more than four strokes over the target score, then you must return to any certification site and redo the playing ability test.  The fee for this is $200, which includes green and cart fees and the closing banquet dinner.  Until you redo the playing ability test your status is that of an Associate Member.

Q: What is the required score to pass the PAT?

The Level III Playing Ability Test requirements are as follows:

Age Men Women
49 & Under 83 or less 85 or less
50-59 84 or less 86 or less
60+ 86 or less 88 or less