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Member Benefits

Membership Benefits and Company Affiliations

The World Teachers Federation and Canadian Golf Teachers Federation are pleased to announce the following company affiliations. All CGTF Members in good standing are eligible to receive these benefits

2020 Latest Addition –  The CGTF is very pleased to announce our latest partner…

NIkon Coolshot Range Finders – Limited time offer 35% off msrp for CGTF Professionals. Click here for more details.

Tee2Green Grips for resale program –  Purchase 4 sets of 13 mixed grips and 6 putter grips and receive a free grip display rack to promote your offering.  Click here for the pricing and contact information
CLEVELAND GOLF & SRIXON – Offers a personal use program 20% of wholesale pricing for qualified CGTF Members. Please contact at 866-362-2483 to get more information and product pricing.


Voice Caddie SC300 Portable Launch Monitors:

CGTF Member pricing.  Payment by credit card only.  Order by emailing myself  at royallsports@rogers.com or paul@golfingbuddies.ca

Golf Course Partner Program:  This program is offered to all current CGTF Members.  This program is constantly growing and we are very pleased to launch with 10 golf courses as partners.  Please be patient as we working to grow this list.  Contact us if you wish to suggest a golf course contact who would like more golfers to send their direction!

CGTF Personal Member Webpages: Current Members will now be able to post their contact information, teaching specialties, rates & times available, golf tips, photos, contact information,  golf blogs, and editorials. Furthermore, each site will have the advantage of social media integration including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and more. www.cgtfpro.com

Discounts available from these Golf Manufacturers:

Wilson — 1-866-362-2483 contact Marc Ray
Mizuno Canada — Offers a personal use program for qualified CGTF Members. Please contact Daniel  at 1800 263 6256
Golf Around the World (a training aids company) — Rep. Dane Wiren 1-800-824-4279
Golf Smart —The largest distributor of golf books, videos, & software. 1-800-637-3557 ext. 85. It is a 25% discount off retail price.
DreamSwing Training Aid —1-800-532-4542
30% off Clearball Putter – For details on the product visit www.innovationsgolf.com and for the discount code, email golf@cgtf.com with your request for the 30% off code along with your name and CGTF ID #.
ASICS Golf Shoes – 416-937-6573 Travis at TDG Sports (Toronto) All CGTF members may receive 25% off the listed website price. www.RunInAsics.com.
Callaway Golf Canada — Callaway Golf has a Members Personal Use Program Package for qualified CGTF Members only. Please call Marc Ray 866-3622483

Conditions of the program include: 
-Available brands include; Callaway and Odyssey
-Members must provide Callaway Golf a copy of their current CGTF Membership
-Product is provided on a personal use basis for qualified CGTF Members only
-The product is not available for re-sale.
-CGTF Members must be employed in teaching golf.
-Terms of Payment: Prepay with VISA or Mastercard

Tour Edge – Tour Edge golf clubs and bags are available to CGTF members through a personal use program at 25 % off the wholesale price.  For details please contact Marc Ray Burton, Exotics, Datrek, Golf Pride, Winn, Lampkin, Champ and Softspikes.

Par2Pro, The Ultimate Golf System is offering a 10% discount to CGTF members on their golf simulator and swing analysis software systems.  For details please visit their website at www.par2pro.com or contact Cory Gauvreau at 1-877-417-2161 or by e-mail at cory@par2pro.com.

Golf Perfection Canada – Is offering a special rate for CGTF members for the following products:
        – Gasp Lab
        – SAM Balance and SAM PuttLab
        – K-Vest
Please contact Stephan at info@golf-perfection.com for more details or visit their website at www.golf-perfection.com.

Discounts available from Other Companies:


The CGTF home office located in Quinte West, Ontario is always available to answer any WGTF member’s question. The number is 1-905-849-7254. The World Golf Teachers Federation office is located in France. The office concentrates fulltime on increasing worldwide public awareness about the WGTF, CGTF and all other member federations around the world. Also, the office is responsible for the following:

  • Acts as an ambassador and foster relations from the central office between all member federations of the WGTF
  • Ensures that all member federations are following the WGTF charter of bylaws in accordance with all WGTF guidelines. This guarantees uniformity, credibility and for the benefit of all, a standard of quality in golf instruction throughout the world
  • Provides worldwide exposure through the Internet, media releases, public relations, and co-sponsored events with all member federations
  • Provides each member federation access to other member federations’ publications
  • Co-sponsors the annual World Golf Teachers Cup with each year’s host federation
  • Promotes and maintains relations with golf manufacturers and other golf-related entities for the benefit of all members
  • Provides top quality Internet hosting, website design, keywording for search engines and maintenance of all WGTF and member nations’ websites
The WGTF office email is: info@wgtf.com and the website is www.wgtf.com. Another website of interest arewww.usgtf.comwww.cgtf.comwww.worldgolfteacherscup.comwww.golfteachingpro.com, plus many more which can be accessed at www.wgtf.com.The WGTF is also pleased to announce that CureSearch is the official charity of the World Golf Teachers Federation. The website address is www.curesearch.org.